Trying to Hide from the Flu…

The flu is everywhere and as a public school teacher with children who go to public school, can we really hide? Since we are overexposed all week, we tried this weekend to stay close to home to avoid extra germs. … Continue reading →

Stuck in the Middle

They are screaming and running up to me, punching each other and throwing each other to the floor. “Stop it now!” They don’t listen until I pull them off each other and send them on their way.  Welcome to the … Continue reading →

It’s The Mondayiest Monday Ever

Yes, that’s not a word or a phrase that has even the slightest bit of grammatical correctness, but my gosh it is true.  After a busy Sunday with me not feeling quite right, I was dead asleep by 9:30! That’s … Continue reading →

Big Boulder Ski a Family of 4 for $60 or Less! 

My friend Jill found this deal last year at Big Boulder and it’s a wonderful budget friendly option. This offer is valid on non holiday Sundays for a morning session of four hours or an late afternoon/evening session lasting five … Continue reading →

Through Their Eyes

When is the last time you felt pure peace and joy for an entire week? Weekend? Day? Hour?  When the children were little, they went each summer to a Vacation Bible School. Each day the hundreds of children would share … Continue reading →


Mom on the Mountain

It was 15 degrees and we had been skiing for about four hours.  She started the day with a breakdown over a severe headache (too tight googles), but had picked up the pace.  In fact she was actually enjoying the … Continue reading →


I Know It Free and Fun Math Practice

When practicing analog time telling at the crack of dawn this morning (it’s a weekend so why not get up super early?), I found a great new to me website called I Know It.  This is a great practice site … Continue reading →

After School Meltdowns

I knew every day it was coming and even when I thought I was best prepared, it took me by surprise and shook my mood.  She would tumble off the bus with a smile, but with in seconds, she was … Continue reading →

Prepare for Frigid Temps with Lands End Sale

I love Lands End’s kids’ snow pants.  Now is the perfect time to get a pair of Stormer Bibs.  I can speak from experience to say that these are durable and warm! You can start two places for 2% cashback … Continue reading →

He Brings Comfort

I am thankful for our dog , Flint even when we want to vacation and are paying a mortgage payment for his boarding. Though he can be hyper he brings so much peace and calm to our home. His latest … Continue reading →