When Summer Slides Away

Yesterday the air was crisp and fresh. We had a glorious time outside and when the sun peeked out enough and the kids ran hard enough, we considered pulling back the cover on the pool. Then the breeze would fly … Continue reading →

Ithaca- Inexpensive, Close, and Outdoorsy Vacation

Ithaca is a city in the midst of farms, literally one mile outside this city fields stretch on for miles.  We decided to do a two night trip to the area and spent most of our time in Ithaca which … Continue reading →

Back to School Shoe Deals at Shoe Buy!

Back to School shoe shopping is painful with my kids, so I decided to take a leap and order online.  I know their sizes and the kids were willing to sit still for 3 minutes to select what they wanted. … Continue reading →

Fear of Heights

Somewhere around my early twenties I developed a fear of heights.  I should rather say, fear of edges or fear of falling. Standing on the second floor of the King of Prussia Mall in at 23, my mind instantly went … Continue reading →

Amazon Pantry Free Shipping

Have you tried Prime Amazon Pantry yet?  I recently traded in my prime shipping on a no rush item to receive a $5.99 credit, so I thought I would see what it was all about.  We have purchased a few … Continue reading →

Chacko’s Buck Bowling

Today is one of the last two buck bowling dates at Chacko’s where you get shoes, games, sodas, hotdogs, and slices for $1 each. I think we may stop just for the great pizza!   If you can’t make it … Continue reading →

Toca Boca Apps Free

I love Free App Friday and this week if you head over to Smart Apps for Kids, you can find 50 free apps.  We always love the Toca Boca apps for a good time and I highly recommend Toca Hair … Continue reading →


Back to Work

What qualifications might I add to my existing resume? Ability to make dinner with while breastfeeding one baby and entertaining a toddler. Can successfully grocery shop with 18 month old and make it to the parking lot before having a … Continue reading →


This Old House

We bought a real fixer upper just over three years ago.  This after swearing we would not be doing that again. The allure of a stream and acres of land close to town sucked us in and the 1950’s style … Continue reading →

Lands End Today Bathing Suits $9-$11!

Great deals today with an extra 20% off clearance!  I found high quality girl’s tankini suits for $11. Start over at Ebates ( if you are new to Ebates this is my referral link, if not it should pull you … Continue reading →