True Citrus Sweepstake $10,000 Prize! 40% OFF

Flavor up your water with True Citrus and enter to win this truly awesome giveaway! True Citrus – Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be True Sweepstakes The #HealthyHappyTrue Sweepstakes was created by True Citrus to celebrate how people live their healthiest, … Continue reading →

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Soap…. Versatile, Safe, Simple

We are a mostly body wash family.  So while I have switched to bar soap for myself that is more natural , I hadn’t found a suitable alternative on our grocery shelves for the rest of my crew.  I spent … Continue reading →

They Are Growing Up

Do you remember when you had little ones and everyone told you if you blinked, the time would fly by?  I am not sure if I completely agree, but I think after your kids hit 5 then things start to … Continue reading →


Sisu Mouth Guards Review and Giveaway

When I discovered  Sisu mouth guards, I knew that it was a product that I needed to find out more about. After watching the simple videos of how to mold the guards, I knew that Sisu mouth guards would be … Continue reading →

Dr. Jacobs Castile Soaps

I am going to be trying out and reviewing some Dr. Jacobs Castile soaps.  I am really interested in testing this product.  The products are very natural and free of chemicals that will impact groundwater negatively, they have amazing reviews, … Continue reading →

Work Home Balance 

It had been a very long day at school. I am guessing there was a full moon, Mercury must have been in retrograde, the students all must have been getting sick, and possibly none slept. It was an hour past … Continue reading →

Ski Okemo

When we realized that this year Easter came early and that my district was honoring a fairly long spring break, we knew a ski trip was in order. After skiing in Park City, the kids had been wanting more than … Continue reading →

Ski Mom Take 2

We skied first tracks to last run today, which meant 25 miles of skiing.  There were perfection moments and a few oh crap moments in the day.  Imagine you have exactly fifteen minutes to get to the base of the … Continue reading →

Free Meyers Cleaning Supplies After Cash Back

Offers ends March 28th.  If you aren’t a Top Cash Back member yet, now is a great time to sign up!  Spend $10 or more on Myers Cleaning supplies and get$10 cashback making this a great freebie.  I have been … Continue reading →

Being Her Own Person

From the start(as in five minutes after being born) , I knew my daughter would challenge me. I wasn’t wrong to panic when I heard a screaming baby at the nurses’ station and instinctually knew she was mine. When she … Continue reading →