Everything I Need to Know I Could Learn on Preschool TV

I miss preschool TV, even more with every passing episode of Liv and Maddie I hear in the background of my house. We hung on as long as we could, but have succumbed almost entirely to thirty minutes of giggling … Continue reading →

Back to School Monsters

I walk into my house after 8 1/2 hours of being at school thinking of how exciting it is that at least this year I get out earlier. After all is said and done it equates to twenty minutes, but … Continue reading →

The First Day of School.. A First Date

We get our children all geared up and ready for the first day. Prompting them about how wonderful and fun it will be, but is that a reality? From a teaching point of view, it’s more like a first date. … Continue reading →

Hot Deal 25% Off Local FlavorĀ 

Use code enjoy for 25% off your entire cart at Local Flavor.com. Just this week, we enjoyed a lunch out at Jasmine Thai for $20 which invluded four lunches and four drinks thanks to a great Local Flavor Deal.  They … Continue reading →

Free E Books

We had been using the kids’ kindles primarily for streaming and downloading movies. It’s not exactly the original purpose, but we hadn’t found ebooks to reasonably priced. The free offerings were minimal and never anything they wanted to read.  Recently, … Continue reading →

Do You Know Which Vehicles Are Most American Made?

This is a sponsored post that I did for Cars.com in exchange for my honest opinion of their site, which our family has used successfully for years! My husband wants to support American car companies. So at some point when … Continue reading →

Save Half at Bee’s Backyard

There is a great perk going in right now for Bee’s Backyard. It has some strict restrictions so purchase only if you can use it under the conditions.  $16 gets you four weekdays admissions for little Ives four and under. … Continue reading →

You Need Me and I Need You

Today we were taking an over under bet on the number of seconds, yes seconds, it would be before my daughter would need me again. “Mom, can you pick up my bike?” “Mom, can you turn on the light?” … … Continue reading →

We Ate Red Rice and Quinoa Chips and We Liked It!

The first time Moms Meet sent me a notice to try Lundberg Family Farms red rice and quinoa chips for a review here, I decided I had better skip it. I only like to share about products I know we’d … Continue reading →

The Gift of Friendship

I spent my entire childhood growing up in the same home. My very first friends were created through my mom’s friendships and not long after at the ripe old age of three I made my first own friend walking my … Continue reading →