The Debate

My son asked me the other day if every presidential election was like this. Are they all this angry at each other? Is there always this much hate?  Tough question to answer. No, they aren’t always this bad. An election … Continue reading →


Prana “Breath, Life, Vitality” Review and Giveaway

Is quality worth the cost?  In the case of PrAna, I believe it is. Six years ago I purchased my very first pair of yoga pants and they happened to be PrAna.  I had not heard of the brand, but … Continue reading →


Let’s Get Outside This Fall!

Yes, summer is ending! With a slew of friends who live near the New Jersey shore, I am seeing all the last times dipping your feet in the ocean posts.  Though the return of fall brings back to school and … Continue reading →


Giving Your Late Bloomer a Chance to Bloom

I am 100% guilty of rushing development.  For years I sat in special education meetings with parents reviewing their child’s eligibility for services. The psychologist always would report on developmental milestones. “When did they walk ? ” she’d ask. “How … Continue reading →

The Opposite of Husky is Slim

When I was younger, I was very thin.  So thin that I could never wear stylish clothes, instead I was relegated to catalog selected, elastic waist pants.  By the time I was 14, I hit one hundred pounds and was … Continue reading →

Hours Left Pottery Barn Sale! Many items 60-70% off and Shipping Free

Pottery Barn and their partners are having a premier sale event today.  I know it is a little late at night to announce, but we were out enjoying the day technology free. Head over and stock up! Baby blankets marked … Continue reading →

When Summer Slides Away

Yesterday the air was crisp and fresh. We had a glorious time outside and when the sun peeked out enough and the kids ran hard enough, we considered pulling back the cover on the pool. Then the breeze would fly … Continue reading →

Ithaca- Inexpensive, Close, and Outdoorsy Vacation

Ithaca is a city in the midst of farms, literally one mile outside this city fields stretch on for miles.  We decided to do a two night trip to the area and spent most of our time in Ithaca which … Continue reading →

Back to School Shoe Deals at Shoe Buy!

Back to School shoe shopping is painful with my kids, so I decided to take a leap and order online.  I know their sizes and the kids were willing to sit still for 3 minutes to select what they wanted. … Continue reading →

Fear of Heights

Somewhere around my early twenties I developed a fear of heights.  I should rather say, fear of edges or fear of falling. Standing on the second floor of the King of Prussia Mall in at 23, my mind instantly went … Continue reading →