A Year Later, Part One

Two weeks, stay home two weeks and prevent the spread … 1. Do we have enough food? We can eat all that sitting in the freezer for once, freezer burned beans never looked so good. 2. Thank God I buy … Continue reading →

Winter Does Not Have to Suck

Eloquent title , I know. When we moved back to Northeastern Pennsylvania almost eight years ago, we knew winters were going to be tough. Growing up here as a child, I dreamed of escaping to a warmer climate. In the … Continue reading →

Prime Members Grab This Free Read

I promised myself this winter break that I would step away from work and recharge. I rarely read during the school year and usually never for pleasure. Amazon offers a free read each month for Prime Members through their First … Continue reading →

Christmas Light Bingo

 –We are back to having wide spread Co-Vid in our area.  With schools switching to remote from a few weeks and sports cancelled, we need to get creative with our activities.  I created a Christmas Light Bingo Card for a family of four to … Continue reading →


Thankful, grateful, blessed… it’s been a tough eight months. There were moments of joy mixed in with all the fear and confusion. I can say that we have learned how to accommodate and live the new normal. I have restructured … Continue reading →

Jam For Advent?

When I was a young child growing up in the eighties, we always had an advent calendar. It was thick paper often with a religious scene. Each door revealed a secret treasure, like a small picture of a horn or … Continue reading →

Soma $29 Bra Sale

Soma has some of the most comfortable and flattering bra choices. They are well worth the normal larger price tag. For the next 3 days bras are $29 and many choices of underwear styles are 5 for $25. Also they … Continue reading →

One Thousand Things to Say

I have at least that many things to say on a given day, but often the blog remains eerily silent.  Sometimes months and weeks go by and I haven’t put down a single word.  No remembrance of this very important time, … Continue reading →

Our Vacation in the Time of Co-Vid

We were supposed to be on a once in life time trip to Alaska.  Co-Vid crushed those plans early leaving us with disappointment and a little travel debt. So how do you travel safely during a pandemic? We considered our … Continue reading →

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

It does take a little effort, but for a special occasion these are a great addition! Make your own super tasty chocolate chip cookies and homemade three ingredient ice cream to create these delicious treats. Let’s begin with this super … Continue reading →