Thankful, grateful, blessed… it’s been a tough eight months. There were moments of joy mixed in with all the fear and confusion. I can say that we have learned how to accommodate and live the new normal. I have restructured … Continue reading →

Jam For Advent?

When I was a young child growing up in the eighties, we always had an advent calendar. It was thick paper often with a religious scene. Each door revealed a secret treasure, like a small picture of a horn or … Continue reading →

Soma $29 Bra Sale

Soma has some of the most comfortable and flattering bra choices. They are well worth the normal larger price tag. For the next 3 days bras are $29 and many choices of underwear styles are 5 for $25. Also they … Continue reading →

One Thousand Things to Say

I have at least that many things to say on a given day, but often the blog remains eerily silent.  Sometimes months and weeks go by and I haven’t put down a single word.  No remembrance of this very important time, … Continue reading →

Our Vacation in the Time of Co-Vid

We were supposed to be on a once in life time trip to Alaska.  Co-Vid crushed those plans early leaving us with disappointment and a little travel debt. So how do you travel safely during a pandemic? We considered our … Continue reading →

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

It does take a little effort, but for a special occasion these are a great addition! Make your own super tasty chocolate chip cookies and homemade three ingredient ice cream to create these delicious treats. Let’s begin with this super … Continue reading →


The virus has stolen so much from so many. While most of us wake up healthy each day and that’s the number one blessing. There is grief, loneliness, and loss. Two weeks, just two weeks stay home for two weeks … Continue reading →

The Floor is Lava

The second grade homerooms are one pretty long hallway down from my classroom. On each school day, I’d pick “my kids” up from their classrooms and we’d head down to my room together. This time of the year, the line … Continue reading →

Crocs Sale

We are spending a lot of time in and outside during our days at home.  My kids are not keen on putting on their sneakers on and off and I am not thrilled with their slides and flip flops in … Continue reading →

Into the Unknown

Frozen II was released by Disney Plus early when the majority of Americans were home isolating for the Corona virus.  It has become increasing clear to me that the new theme song for the Corona virus surely should be, “Into … Continue reading →