Mama Bear and Me

It was last week and I was using my final bit of energy to read my daughter a story before bed.  We are between Junie B. Jones and fairies right now so see grabbed a picture book, The Berenstain Bears … Continue reading →


Dear Skiing I Love Hate You…

“I don’t want to go!” my daughter whined, as we were dressing in our ski clothes.  “I like skiing, but I hate all this cold weather gear. Plus it is so cold.” I am so with her.  The prep work … Continue reading →


The Balance of Working

She snuggled next to me and I tried to encourage her to go back to sleep.  It wasn’t quite 7:00, but I needed to be up and out of the house within the next twenty minutes.  She had been in … Continue reading →

Pajamas at 3:00

It’s been an interesting past two months.  After a five week teacher strike, we returned to school for 4 days only to then have winter break and return once again in January.  My first graders are back in the swing … Continue reading →


How to Ski With Your Family Without Having to Take Out a Second Mortgage

  I was fortunate to grow up in NEPA where within a half hour, I could hit the slopes.  My family made skiing a priority, which meant Christmas presents in the form of warm gloves and “new” skis. When our … Continue reading →


Freedom Fighters

My 9 year old wrote this essay after researching on the internet and talking with family who are in the military.  He was really excited to win and I said it would be very unlikely and not to get his … Continue reading →

It’s Saturday Morning

I woke up at 6:30 in the midst of a dream about how to help my first graders who are below level in reading.  It’s the norm now that my dreams and thoughts race  thinking about what I could do … Continue reading →


The Changing of the Wardrobe

When we moved from our 1200 square foot house to one twice as big, the one thing I wanted was a walk in closet.  A closet where I never had to change out the clothes.  Where short and long sleeves … Continue reading →


Let’s Get Outside This Fall!

Yes, summer is ending! With a slew of friends who live near the New Jersey shore, I am seeing all the last times dipping your feet in the ocean posts.  Though the return of fall brings back to school and … Continue reading →


Back to Work

What qualifications might I add to my existing resume? Ability to make dinner  while breastfeeding one baby and entertaining a toddler. Can successfully grocery shop with 18 month old and make it to the parking lot before having a nervous … Continue reading →