Back to Work

What qualifications might I add to my existing resume? Ability to make dinner  while breastfeeding one baby and entertaining a toddler. Can successfully grocery shop with 18 month old and make it to the parking lot before having a nervous … Continue reading →


This Old House

We bought a real fixer upper just over three years ago.  This after swearing we would not be doing that again. The allure of a stream and acres of land close to town sucked us in and the 1950’s style … Continue reading →

Attack of the Killer Robins

A robin comes darting at your head screeching at the top of its little lungs.  Do you run the other way or stand your ground? How about if that said robin has called in back up?  Did you know that … Continue reading →


Why Pay Extra For Farm Fresh Eggs?

I will be the first one to tell you that healthy eating or buying local can be expensive.  In our family we make better choices some of the time.  We would love to make all the right choices in the … Continue reading →


10 Reasons Why You Should Try KOA for Your Next Group Vacation

It is 6:00 A.M. and your sister’s baby just started screaming and since your brothers were up till after 2:00 A.M. playing cards, you got about less than 4:00 hours sleep.  Plus your brother’s sons are allowed to play on … Continue reading →


Kids and Public Restrooms

You may have seen the headlines recently about an 8 year old girl who was choked to the point where she passed out by a male assailant while in the bathroom alone. Luckily, her scream alerted a response before additional … Continue reading →


What Kind of Cookie Is That?

I reminded fairly often that my husband does not have Pennsylvania roots, especially when it comes to food.  In NEPA, there is ethnic history due to many immigrants coming here to mine coal.  It is certainly not a transient area, … Continue reading →

Saying good bye to 5.

There is Joy in You Growing Up

“Carry me up the steps mom,” she says night after night.  Her long legs wrap around me almost dangling to the floor and it takes every ounce of strength for me to make it up the steps.  When was the … Continue reading →


Old School Board Games

Cole got Clue for Christmas and I could not believe my forty something year old husband had never played it!  It got me a little nostalgic about favorite games from childhood, one being Booby Trap.  The name alone would cause … Continue reading →

Prepping last week's "Piggy Soup."

Working Moms, Share Your Tricks and Tips

When I had my first son, I took a year off maternity leave from teaching school.  As the year was coming to an end, I considered going back part time.  Once we figured in daycare, we decided it was not … Continue reading →