At 40, Am I Looking Ahead or Looking Behind?

I will be turning 40 in a few short months. Though I am not having some sort of mid life crisis, I am wondering how many great exciting milestones are left for me. Think of all the firsts that have … Continue reading →


Hiking at Seven Tubs, Wilkes Barre

It’s the first day of our spring break and the weather was absolutely perfect for some outdoor fun.  Throw in a few good friends and we were ready for an adventure.  We headed out to Seven Tubs Natural Area. It … Continue reading →

Don’t Worry About the Little Things

One year later, he sits here snuggled on the couch with his little sister eating pretzels.  His hair is longer now and he has gained more confidence and independence, but he is still a young boy. Last year at this … Continue reading →


Posh’s Answer to My Lip Obsession

If I were on Survivor and had to select one thing to bring with me as a luxury item, I always said it would be a big toss up between my toothbrush or lip balm!  I am lip obsessed, which … Continue reading →


Moscow’s Ballet The Great Russian Nutcracker

I was thrilled to see that The Great Russian Nutcracker would be coming to the Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre.  This art deco style theater was refurbished nearly thirty years ago and is an amazing place to see a show.  … Continue reading →


Welcome Winter- How to Survive the Cold

Growing up in Northeastern Pennsylvania in a house that was 100 years old and  drafty was downright freezing. Clothes were different back then and the idea of waterproof basically meant my mom putting my feet in sandwich baggies inside my … Continue reading →


The Chickens Move In

Today our not so little chickens moved up in the world from the garage pen to the coop.  We had to keep the hens and roosters (yes we got another of these guys) separate for their first month here.  Now … Continue reading →


Homemade Applesauce

  I was raised on homemade applesauce and there is not any other kind I will actually eat!  After taking a few years off from making and canning our own, we found a day off work to complete the task! … Continue reading →


Creative Play, Worth the Mess

It is a rainy day, the kind that chills you to the bone and never ceases.  The kind that cancels soccer games , hay rides, and pumpkin visits.  My kids have eaten breakfast and lunch, their teeth are brushed, but … Continue reading →


Roasting the End of Summer Tomatoes

The biggest success of our garden has been the roma variety of tomatoes.  With an abundance in the past week, we decided to roast some for easy storage.  These roasted tomatoes are perfect for bruschetta or over pasta.  We will … Continue reading →