Mama Bear and Me

It was last week and I was using my final bit of energy to read my daughter a story before bed.  We are between Junie B. Jones and fairies right now so see grabbed a picture book, The Berenstain Bears … Continue reading →

Mother’s Day Rewind 3 Years Ago

I think I may have cried on my first Mother’s Day.  At that point I would have had a ten month old who had never slept through the night and the demands were daunting.  I didn’t have a blog then, … Continue reading →

My new favorite for beginnng readers, it has been such a help with getting Cecily excited to read!

Can You Help Your Reluctant Reader Find Joy In Reading?

Most of my decade teaching was spent teaching students to read. The majority of the children I taught, had learning disabilities in the area of reading.  My work focused on helping these students learn to read, but that alone was … Continue reading →

Pee Pee Pants or Pouches

This is a ladies only type of post. Not that I think men are out there checking out my blog, but if they happen to be this is a too much information kind of event.   If you have birthed … Continue reading →

Mothering Lessons:The Early Years

1. Sometimes when you are a mom you feel a little like Cinderella. You know wash the dishes, do the laundry. Plus the one time you get to go to the ball ( aka out for a quick dinner) with … Continue reading →