I Know It Free and Fun Math Practice

When practicing analog time telling at the crack of dawn this morning (it’s a weekend so why not get up super early?), I found a great new to me website called I Know It.  This is a great practice site … Continue reading →


Why I Am Rejoicing in This Mess

My memory on Facebook today showed my second grader, five years ago at 2 1/2 completing K level worksheets.  My comment at the time was that she was so good at it that it was scary.  If you had asked … Continue reading →


Barnes & Noble- Get Your Free Summer Reading Book Reward

We have been participating in the summer reading program through Barnes and Noble even before the kids could read independently.  That means we have gotten nearly $100 worth of amazing literature free simply by reading. The program is very easy … Continue reading →


The Summer Slide a New Take

I think I have written several posts about education in the summer and how to combat the summer slide. Last year we participated in Brain Chase for my older son and I ran a small educational group at my house … Continue reading →


Lyrics 2 Learn Boosting Reading Fluency Through Music

Oral reading fluency can create the bridge between decoding and reading comprehension.  With proper fluency and expression, students are able to focus on the meaning of the text and less on decoding.  So reading with automatically is a  critical skill, … Continue reading →


“The Mystery Beanie Baby” Reward System

If you are around my age, you may remember the huge beanie baby craze.  People were spending a fortune to grab the hottest versions which were the most collectible.  As with most crazes, it passed and families had hoards of … Continue reading →

Hey New Jersey, What’s Going on in First Grade?

I have always been very honored to be a go to person to many friends both in the education field as well as parents looking for some feedback about what is happening with children in school.  While I was staying … Continue reading →


Mini Maker Fair at Barnes and Noble

S.T.E.M. is certainly a hot toy market these days, which excites most educators and parents!  Today we headed to Barnes and Noble to check out the Mini Maker Fair and get our hands on toys that  we would never get … Continue reading →


National Geographic: The Book of Heroes and Heroines Giveaway

I asked my children what makes someone a hero: One child responded by saying that a spider must bite you and then you turn into a super hero.  The other one (the older child) said that you must accomplish something … Continue reading →

img_3792 for First Grade Too? GIVEAWAY!

When my youngest was five she begged for the subscription and after being worn down by her repeated requests, I finally tried the free trial.  We were very happy with what they offered.  I contacted the company to see … Continue reading →