Get 10 Free Lip Sticks After Cashback at E.L.F. Free Shipping

There are so many amazing deals right now at E.L.F. Cosmetics and new TopCashBack members can get $10 back on a $10 purchase.  This means spend $10, receive your products and then within two weeks Top Cash Back will give … Continue reading →

Christmas is Coming, Like Soon!! 

At school I walk by the first grade hall and out of the corner of my eye, I catch the countdown to Christmas sign… I glance at it and shudder, take a few deep breaths, then continue on my way. … Continue reading →

High Quality Holiday Cards for About 30 Cents Each!  

I have been getting Christmas cards from Photo Affections for three years! They have numerous designs and are a higher quality card. Right now use a special Groupon deal combined with Ebates for a great price.  Start with Ebates for … Continue reading →


$5 off $20 Book Purchase at Amazon

I wait for Amazon to release their book code each year and while this year’s deal is not as spectacular as in the past, it still is worthwhile when combining it with sales.  Use the code Giftbook17 any any order … Continue reading →

Confession… I Have an Easy Kid

If you are a reader of my blog and have been for a while then you know I have two children. As babies neither were sleepers, one out lasted the other and didn’t sleep through a single night for his … Continue reading →

Gym1 Helps At My Home! 

Last year Santa brought us Gym1 and it has been heavily used. While my daughter uses it for sensory input, my son uses it to improve his strength.  My daughter lives on it!  It has made positive behavioral improvements in … Continue reading →


Why I Am Rejoicing in This Mess

My memory on Facebook today showed my second grader, five years ago at 2 1/2 completing K level worksheets.  My comment at the time was that she was so good at it that it was scary.  If you had asked … Continue reading →

Simple 2×4 Turkey Centerpiece

Do you want a make a quick and easy centerpiece craft with your children/students for Thanksgiving? This is so simple and can be used as a keep Sale for years. It requires minimal supplies too!  First you will need a … Continue reading →

Target Toy Deals Hot*****

Today only Target has 25% off almost all their toys. Some exclusions due apply. Legos for instance are excluded, yet select Legos are 20% off.  Combine this deal with an extra 5% Back by using your Red Card and an … Continue reading →

Coming Up For Air

Just when I thought I was only three steps behind I’d fall back another two steps making it seemingly impossible that I’d not only never catch up, but ever find comfort in my new position. There are many things in … Continue reading →