My love of Groupon has been evident to readers for years.  I think my very best purchase was a beachfront suite hotel stay for three nights to the tune of $300 in the summer.  Nothing has quite topped that deal, but I am keeping an eye on a certain hotel stay for an upcoming trip in August.  While Groupon is great for travel, local entertainment and even goods it has expanded to the arena of offering coupons on your favorite online stores.



They are sharing a lot of great deals at some of my favorite online sites like 10% off at, savings at L.L.Bean and Barnes and Noble.  My favorite deal running through the end of July is $5 off $50 at Target with free shipping. Combine this $5 off coupon with some of the other clearances and percentage off sales going on at Target to optimize your savings.  Dare I say it…  You could even do a bit of back to school shopping,but just promise to tuck it away for a bit longer once it arrives while you enjoy summer! Target offers so many great deals and shopping from home with additional savings really is the safest way to shop Target!


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