Back to School shoe shopping is painful with my kids, so I decided to take a leap and order online.  I know their sizes and the kids were willing to sit still for 3 minutes to select what they wanted.

First head to either for 13% back

or you could start at Ebates for 12% off. 

Both these are simple to join (if you join through my link, thank you as I get a referral).  I have saved hundreds of dollars shopping normally through these sites. is offering 20% off your entire order with free shipping and returns.  I found another code that gave me 25% off instead.  It worked for me and is RR1216948AJQ .

I was able to score both kids sneakers for a total of $62 and will get 13% back bring my total to $54 for both kids’ school sneakers.  Getting sneakers for them without taking them to a store is actually priceless!


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