It’s the first day of our spring break and the weather was absolutely perfect for some outdoor fun.  Throw in a few good friends and we were ready for an adventure.  We headed out to Seven Tubs Natural Area.


It is a quick fifteen minute drive from our house.  Parking here is easy and it is a simple turn right off of 309.  Parking puts you right on the trails and immediately upon some beautiful falls and shallow water areas.





The kids were eager to explore so we headed off the beaten path and found some great little trials and water areas.  The pitch is decent and with the water near by some areas can become slippery.  If you are wearing proper footwear, all paths are relatively easy.  The younger ones navigated well and our older children were racing ahead quite easily.


We spent a good hour and a half just exploring and partially getting lost.  We ended up crossing some railroad tracks, navigating up some steeper inclines and then eventually finding the actual trail.



The main trail, which runs over a mile and a half, moves you along the tubs.  The tubs are actually pot holes created from glaciers melting over 12,000 years ago.  This loop path can be taken in either direction.  We started at the base of the water and worked our way up and around.  There are plenty of spots to stop and splash in the water, climb some rocks, or take a great shot of nature.  The kids were really worn out after a three hour hike, but with a little encouragement we all made it back the cars.


The tubs is a great place for a quick hike.  We chose this as an alternative to Rickett’s Glen since it is a bit lighter for the kids and makes a perfect half day activity!






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