I woke up at 6:30 in the midst of a dream about how to help my first graders who are below level in reading.  It’s the norm now that my dreams and thoughts race  thinking about what I could do for each one of my 23 first grade students.  My teeth are slowly grinding away and I would love to not be up before 7:30 on a Saturday morning. My absence from writing has been brought to you in large part from my return to work full time.  It has been a pretty natural transition back to full time teaching and yet with it brings new responsibilities of balancing my family and my job.  Though the physical and mental exhaustion some days feels overwhelming, I am loving being back in the classroom.  I am eager to get in and spend time with my 23 first grade kids every day.

The weekends have become more a time to try to catch up and organize for the upcoming week. I was only up a few minutes and trying to get back to sleep when my two kids came roaring into our room.  Yes, they still start their day checking in with me.  By 7:30, the dry wallers showed up to start work on our family room and ten minutes later the beds were stripped and the day’s laundry has begun.  By 8:30 everyone(not me of course) was fed and watching cartoons.  I have begun the day’s online shopping.  With limited time, I have found online shopping has been a saving grace.  It’s bitter cold and rainy out, but soccer has yet to be cancelled.  The wood stove is roaring, the dog is snuggled up to it just short of where he may catch his fur on fire.  It’s Saturday and though the to do list is long, there will be lazy moments and for that I am thankful!



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