ABC Mouse $45 for the Year Through Memorial Day

I use almost every day in my special education classroom. There are hundreds of relevant and interesting topics to cover all the standards right through 2nd grade.  From states of matter to proper nouns, the content is amazing.  Abcmouse … Continue reading →

It’s Safe to Buy Meat at Aldis… and Scallops too!

It is no secret that Aldi is cheap and bare bones in many ways, but then there is that element that is pretty high end. We regularly purchase Irish butter, German chocolates, and French cheeses.  I don’t know about your … Continue reading →

True Citrus Sweepstake $10,000 Prize! 40% OFF

Flavor up your water with True Citrus and enter to win this truly awesome giveaway! True Citrus – Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be True Sweepstakes The #HealthyHappyTrue Sweepstakes was created by True Citrus to celebrate how people live their healthiest, … Continue reading →

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Soap…. Versatile, Safe, Simple

We are a mostly body wash family.  So while I have switched to bar soap for myself that is more natural , I hadn’t found a suitable alternative on our grocery shelves for the rest of my crew.  I spent … Continue reading →

They Are Growing Up

Do you remember when you had little ones and everyone told you if you blinked, the time would fly by?  I am not sure if I completely agree, but I think after your kids hit 5 then things start to … Continue reading →


Sisu Mouth Guards Review and Giveaway

When I discovered  Sisu mouth guards, I knew that it was a product that I needed to find out more about. After watching the simple videos of how to mold the guards, I knew that Sisu mouth guards would be … Continue reading →

Dr. Jacobs Castile Soaps

I am going to be trying out and reviewing some Dr. Jacobs Castile soaps.  I am really interested in testing this product.  The products are very natural and free of chemicals that will impact groundwater negatively, they have amazing reviews, … Continue reading →

Work Home Balance 

It had been a very long day at school. I am guessing there was a full moon, Mercury must have been in retrograde, the students all must have been getting sick, and possibly none slept. It was an hour past … Continue reading →

Ski Okemo

When we realized that this year Easter came early and that my district was honoring a fairly long spring break, we knew a ski trip was in order. After skiing in Park City, the kids had been wanting more than … Continue reading →

Ski Mom Take 2

We skied first tracks to last run today, which meant 25 miles of skiing.  There were perfection moments and a few oh crap moments in the day.  Imagine you have exactly fifteen minutes to get to the base of the … Continue reading →