I Will Take This Moment

I am not even sure when she arrived in my bed, but I woke up to someone curled into me. While for years I worked on her staying put in her bed, today I will take this moment. Her extra … Continue reading →

$5 off $20 Worth of Books through 7/17 on Amazon

My heart broke when our Barnes and Noble was taken out by a tornado. What’s the chances a tornado even hits Northeastern Pennsylvania, much less knocks out 6 of my favorite places? It’s extremely unlikely. Prime Day has been a … Continue reading →

Had a Blast at British Soccer Camp

My son attended British Soccer Camp this week and he loved it. The turn out for his age group was small, so they offered us to double up with the younger crew but the timing didn’t work for everyone. So … Continue reading →

Back When Chick -fil-a Kept Me Going

I stopped working as a teacher once I had my first child. The year prior unbeknown to my husband, I had stopped using my salary all together and was paying everything with his. I always handled the finances and still … Continue reading →

10 Simplistic Activities for Summer

While a lazy summer sounds delightful, we try to make ours a chance to try new things and keep up old traditions. Here are a few things your family may enjoy to keep the summer special. 1. Go berry picking. … Continue reading →


Visiting Coastal Maine with Children Part 1

Maine has been on my family’s travel list even before we had children and this year we finally ventured north to explore Maine’s breathtaking coast.  Our group consisted of my brother and sister in law, their dog, my husband, our … Continue reading →

Words of Wisdom

As I headed back to our camp site with my newly eight year old daughter walking by my side carrying her triple sprinkle hot fudge sundae in her small hands, she shared some valuable perspective. “Mom it’s really great to … Continue reading →

The Last Day

Last year we ended school on June 30th after a long school year and a strike. I joked that day that at least next year the 30th would be a Saturday so at least we’d go just till the 29th. … Continue reading →

We All Can’t Afford That Trip… In Fact Who Really Can??

I just was lured into an article posted about the 10 must do trips to take with children which included Costa Rica, Rivera Maya, France , London , Peru, and eastern Canada. If that doesn’t make a parent feel badly, … Continue reading →

Fresh is Best

We have been cutting corners lately due to busy schedules. One thing we did was buy traditional milk gallons at the store instead of our usual dairy milk. Talk about a difference, it was like white water. So today I … Continue reading →