I Survived on 3 Hours Sleep! 

Last night the stomach bug took over my daughter’s body by fury! I suspected it was coming when she complained of stomach pain around 8:30. So I tucked her into her brand new bed with a basin tucked neatly beside … Continue reading →


Tales From a Six Year Old “Beer’s Open”

My daughter is  writing notes, there are somewhere around twenty five of them currently hung up in my house.  Don’t do this, keep this here, whoever did this don’t do it again, party time in my room, and they just … Continue reading →

Free Pampers After Cashback through 3/21

This is a very simple deal through Top Cashback and Walmart for a free pack of Pampers after cash back.  It is important to note the following: You must be new to Top Cashback You must only buy the Pampers … Continue reading →

What Is Your Family Motto? 

I want to tell you that our family’s motto is “Have Fun” or “Live Life to the Fullest” or how about “Always Act in Love.”  It became increasingly more apparent as the blizzard loomed that we are and always will … Continue reading →

Snow , Snow, and More Snow! 

School was cancelled yesterday before 5:00 and by the time we went to sleep not a flake had fallen. In fact when I woke up after 7:00, it was so still and quiet that I thought the blizzard took a … Continue reading →


Dear Skiing I Love Hate You…

“I don’t want to go!” my daughter whined, as we were dressing in our ski clothes.  “I like skiing, but I hate all this cold weather gear. Plus it is so cold.” I am so with her.  The prep work … Continue reading →


National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers

National Geographic Kids continues to amaze me with each of the books they publish. We were fortunate enough to review their Heroes and Heroines series before Christmas and these books are still being read and reread by my children and … Continue reading →


Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Review

“Rumble, bubble gurgle.”  That was the sounds of Dr. Ohhira’s hard at work my first few days.  I guess they were busy cleaning up the mess in my gut.  As a child, I spent months on antibiotics to try to … Continue reading →

Snacks!!! Juice!!!! Impulsivity? 

We were in a ten minute line with children ages two to twelve. I was flanked by my two children and husband. Crouched in front of me was a mom consoling her child…”Mommy only brought one apple sauce darling. I … Continue reading →

Lessons in Love From the 6 Year Olds

Valentine’s Day hasn’t ever been anything we’ve highly celebrated as a couple. I mean it was a relief years ago to finally be coupled up, then there were the few years of really celebrating, and finally we spent the past … Continue reading →