The virus has stolen so much from so many. While most of us wake up healthy each day and that’s the number one blessing. There is grief, loneliness, and loss. Two weeks, just two weeks stay home for two weeks … Continue reading →

The Floor is Lava

The second grade homerooms are one pretty long hallway down from my classroom. On each school day, I’d pick “my kids” up from their classrooms and we’d head down to my room together. This time of the year, the line … Continue reading →

Crocs Sale

We are spending a lot of time in and outside during our days at home.  My kids are not keen on putting on their sneakers on and off and I am not thrilled with their slides and flip flops in … Continue reading →

Into the Unknown

Frozen II was released by Disney Plus early when the majority of Americans were home isolating for the Corona virus.  It has become increasing clear to me that the new theme song for the Corona virus surely should be, “Into … Continue reading →

Hello for Today

We are on day 10 of social distancing and a few days in on isolation as well.  On Friday the 13th at the close of the school day, it was announced that we would be off for the next two … Continue reading →

15 Things to Do While Social Distancing

1. Bake, we made doughnut holes for breakfast and have stocked up on baking supplies to get us through a few weeks. One of our favorites found here. 2. Play some games on Alexa, just finished Song Quiz and Jeopardy. … Continue reading →

But I’m Still Your Friend

After college, I moved five times in the first seven years. I worked in three different school districts in three different states, then I got married and had a family. We stayed still for another bunch of years before a … Continue reading →

I Miss Disney Junior

Sometimes a new Doc McStuffins or Paw Patrol will pop on the DVR out of nowhere. We all will get a little chuckle , but it makes me a little sad. I miss Wild Kratts , Arthur, and Odd Squad … Continue reading →

Getting Our Ski Legs

If you have been a long time follower, then you know we ski as a family activity each winter.  You may also remember some sensory and clothing issues that have plagued my youngest. We have worked really hard and spent … Continue reading →

Great Deals Winter Ski/Outdoor Gear

We shop both local (Top of the Slope) and online for great winter gear.  If there is one thing we have learned since moving back to Northeastern Pennsylvania,  it’s that good gear can make your winter more enjoyable.  No need … Continue reading →