Coming Up For Air

Just when I thought I was only three steps behind I’d fall back another two steps making it seemingly impossible that I’d not only never catch up, but ever find comfort in my new position. There are many things in … Continue reading →

Because of These I Shop There

This morning the added hour meant early morning grocery shopping was a breeze! I drove the fifteen minutes to Wegmans. On the way I passed by plenty of other grocery stores in fact there are at least ten closer. I … Continue reading →

When Time Change Used to Break Me

Porcelain and glass are both fragile, one wrong move and they could shatter in to thousands of tiny pieces that can’t be built back up. When I was a mom to young children, much of my days were spent trying … Continue reading →

The Halloween Hangover 

Yesterday it was this… Today this black cat is only one of the many dear darlings ready to scratch out the eyes of unsuspecting adults with anger. It’s the Halloween hangover. While a Tuesday night Halloween is better than a … Continue reading →

Kanoodle … Smart, Fun Stocking Stuffer

Santa brought Kanoodle last year in my son’s stocking, it retails for about $12.99, we have all enjoyed this small individual game/puzzle. It has various levels and is perfect for fiddling with during waits such as at a restaurant or … Continue reading →

Because It’s Friday and It’s Fall

I was in my pajamas by 5:15 today. We’d already ordered and ate dinner. One child is out hunting with Dad and the other one is crafting and watching TV. My energy level is zero, but that’s pretty typical for … Continue reading →

40% off at Gap 10% Cash Back 

We love our Gap Family Credit Card, because they often quadruple points on all kinds of purchases. This means tons of free clothing for our family!  When we don’t have rewards, there are still great ways to save. Today get … Continue reading →

Because 7 isn’t a Tween

We walked around the Halloween store and each costume she eyed up was sexier than the last. ” Mom you should get these!” She said as she reached for a pair of black fishnet stockings. Certainly, they’d raise some eyebrows … Continue reading →

Sam’s Club Steals Garmin and Ozobot! 

Get started shopping early for two great holiday presents at Sam’s Club. I found these tonight and we own and love both products! They were last year’s Christmas gifts in our house.  First is Ozobot. It’s a great coding toy … Continue reading →

I Could Bring Snacks to Soccer but….

I really could grab a bag of oranges and cut them up for our soccer games. Or maybe I could bag up some pretzels or bring frozen yogurt sticks or grapes… but the game is forty minutes. She is seven … Continue reading →