Sonicare $20 Shipped

This was a great deal at Christmas and it has returned! Perfect timing after I didn’t two afternoons this week at the dentist. Plus after Easter, we will all need to scrub off the extra sugar. Head over to Amazon … Continue reading →


A Credit Card With Real Rewards, No Really

My kids dress mostly in Gap clothing. I dress mostly in Banana Republic, because we get all these clothes free! That’s right free. It is not because we spend tons of money a month at these stores, it is because … Continue reading →

Teachers Don’t Sit at Their Desks All Day

I think there is still this misconception about what teachers of today do all day at work.  People are remembering their childhood classroom experiences where maybe the teacher directed the class from his or her desk.  I, too, had a … Continue reading →


The Blog Didn’t Go Down With This Ship..

To say that my laptop owes me nothing is an understatement.  It is almost 6 years old and probably weighs more than a newborn.  It is scraped, has keys ripped off, and hasn’t been able to be unplugged in over … Continue reading →

Try British Soccer Camp this Summer!

After our local camp cancelled last year, we started to look for an option for this year.  I discovered British Soccer Camps that are run by more than five local soccer associations, giving me a great option of times to … Continue reading →

All My Facebook Friends Are Becoming Rap Artists? 

It started a few years ago, the last names were getting dropped on Facebook. Now while this made things a bit extra confusing, it was only a few friends and a quick look at profile pics and I was back … Continue reading →

Alternative Blog Names 

Seven years ago when I started this blog, my first task was creating a title. It took awhile to come up with one that reflecting my life. Crumbs in the Couch still stands strong, but here are a few others … Continue reading →

Trying to Hide from the Flu…

The flu is everywhere and as a public school teacher with children who go to public school, can we really hide? Since we are overexposed all week, we tried this weekend to stay close to home to avoid extra germs. … Continue reading →

Stuck in the Middle

They are screaming and running up to me, punching each other and throwing each other to the floor. “Stop it now!” They don’t listen until I pull them off each other and send them on their way.  Welcome to the … Continue reading →

It’s The Mondayiest Monday Ever

Yes, that’s not a word or a phrase that has even the slightest bit of grammatical correctness, but my gosh it is true.  After a busy Sunday with me not feeling quite right, I was dead asleep by 9:30! That’s … Continue reading →