Would You Rather… The Parenting  Edition

Let’s me be honest while parenting is truly the most important and rewarding job of my life…it also be tricky, annoying, and down right exhausting. So this post speaks to those not so stellar parenting moments.  Would you rather be … Continue reading →


“The Mystery Beanie Baby” Reward System

If you are around my age, you may remember the huge beanie baby craze.  People were spending a fortune to grab the hottest versions which were the most collectible.  As with most crazes, it passed and families had hoards of … Continue reading →

Shoo Fly Pie? 

While my daughter was reading the book Fly Guy last week, the kids got it in their minds that they must try Shoo Fly pie. They convinced my mom to make one. I knew it wouldn’t go well… there are … Continue reading →

Bring Dry Erase Markers Back to Life

I have spent at least $150 on dry erase markers this school year. While first grade students are sweet and joy filled, some aren’t always ever so careful with their supplies. That means dry erase markers completely drying out sometimes … Continue reading →

I Survived on 3 Hours Sleep! 

Last night the stomach bug took over my daughter’s body by fury! I suspected it was coming when she complained of stomach pain around 8:30. So I tucked her into her brand new bed with a basin tucked neatly beside … Continue reading →


Tales From a Six Year Old “Beer’s Open”

My daughter is  writing notes, there are somewhere around twenty five of them currently hung up in my house.  Don’t do this, keep this here, whoever did this don’t do it again, party time in my room, and they just … Continue reading →

Free Pampers After Cashback through 3/21

This is a very simple deal through Top Cashback and Walmart for a free pack of Pampers after cash back.  It is important to note the following: You must be new to Top Cashback You must only buy the Pampers … Continue reading →

What Is Your Family Motto? 

I want to tell you that our family’s motto is “Have Fun” or “Live Life to the Fullest” or how about “Always Act in Love.”  It became increasingly more apparent as the blizzard loomed that we are and always will … Continue reading →

Snow , Snow, and More Snow! 

School was cancelled yesterday before 5:00 and by the time we went to sleep not a flake had fallen. In fact when I woke up after 7:00, it was so still and quiet that I thought the blizzard took a … Continue reading →


Dear Skiing I Love Hate You…

“I don’t want to go!” my daughter whined, as we were dressing in our ski clothes.  “I like skiing, but I hate all this cold weather gear. Plus it is so cold.” I am so with her.  The prep work … Continue reading →