Have Chapstick, Will Travel

It’s been well over five years since my friends and I took our first kid-free trip. Since that first visit, it has been a running joke about my chapstick/lip gloss dependency. Yes, I have a car chapstick, a work chapstick, … Continue reading →

Tonight Only …. Summer Shoes

These water shoes are the perfect answer to adventures of all kind! They dry easily and cover up ties! Check them out of Zulily. … Continue reading →

Gear to Survive the Cold…

One thing we learned about staying happy in winter is to get outside! Gone are the days of sandwich baggies lined moon books and sopping wet mittens. Gone are the days of turtlenecks and corduroys. The gear has become so … Continue reading →

Get Out

When my children were little ones, sometimes the days would be extra long and extra hard. So we’d get fresh air or I’d give them time in the tub and the day would take a turn for the better. Lately, … Continue reading →


Set Up Challenger Soccer Camp This Summer

My eleven year old loved this camp last summer.  He got tons of individualized attention and it made a huge difference in the strength of his shot and footwork skills.  Plus they added in an educational piece so he learned … Continue reading →

The Rush… It’s Destroying Us

Every morning has to go in a series of specific order to assure that everything is done.  Clothes are out, alarms set, lunches packed, put in the ice packs, don’t forget the water bottles, breakfast, brush teeth…. You know the … Continue reading →

The Sweet Spot

The tree came down this weekend. As I placed many of the ornaments away, I felt a tinge of sadness. So many tiny faces graced handmade ornaments and little handprints reflected in the glass balls. Ornaments from the trips we … Continue reading →

Camelback Tickets Through Groupon

Groupon is offering Camelback ski tickets for more than 25% of the standard price.  They have two options, one which is a evening ticket that starts at 3:00 and allows you to ski through closing on any day for$29.  The … Continue reading →

Marked Safe Teaching in December…

The other morning, I went to wash my hands with toothpaste and it was only 6:45 in the morning. To say that December teaching 6-9 years kicked my butt is an understatement. Add in my own children with their activities … Continue reading →

Last Minute Gift Idea

Have a few people left on your lists? I spotted these super cute mugs at Target for $7.99. Shipping is free and they would arrive before Christmas. Check these and the tumblers out! … Continue reading →