Where Have You Been???

This is it folks, it’s work and then practices or games and homework then get the house together and collapse. Rinse and repeat. Some nights it’s 8:30 before I am sitting still in my house. I am sure it’s the … Continue reading →

Pura Vida Sale

My nine year old is obsessed with Pura Vida bracelets! They are quite trendy and support artisans in other nations. Right now you can get 30% off, free shipping, and a free gift with purchase. That means for as little … Continue reading →

Pack That Lunch

My kids are old enough to pack their own lunches and they do sometimes. Ah but sometimes they are on the verge of emotional breakdowns and really it’s not worth the torture of watching them take forty minutes to do … Continue reading →

They Have Ruined Box Tops

My history with Box Tops includes a great deal of sarcasm, some careless clipping, and a whole slew of appreciation for what they stand for. You can read about our history here. Box Tops are a great way for schools … Continue reading →

What year is it?

Two things I have lived through that I am not ready to come back…. Mom jeans, these high waisted beauties do nothing for my delightful pear figure. I am positive that I will look ridiculous sporting this style! The second … Continue reading →

Camelback Water Park

Get two tickets to Camelbeach for $44 on Get Amy Perks. The beauty of this deal is that it’s valid through next summer, so pick them up and tuck them away!(These aren’t printable and must be picked up in Pittston, … Continue reading →

The Local Bakery

As a child, I was allowed to travel with friends alone to a few select places … the penny candy store, the neighborhood park, and our local bakery. I have vivid memory of my bakery, Pierce Street, where you took … Continue reading →

Seeing it for the First Time

Forward:  This blog post has probably been bouncing about my head for months, but it never has made it to print.  First of all, I had to think about how to balance emotion with information to even get it out … Continue reading →

Hot Deal Lands End Backpacks! $17!

I know we have all been distracted by prime, but today it’s buy time for Lands End backpacks. Here’s the deal. Start at Rakuten (formerly Ebates) for 10% off. Here is my referral link if you haven’t signed up. Next … Continue reading →

Happy Prime Days

So I have had only a few minutes to look at what is for sale on Prime Day, but I have seen a few buy worthy deals. First off, this is the time to pop in a few books in … Continue reading →