The Struggle Breaks Me

And there we sat for a half hour trying to calm down and recover from the pain.  A few friends had commented on how easy a bit of schoolwork of my daughter’s was and she felt it was difficult.  She … Continue reading →

And Sometimes We Eat McDonalds

To say that the past week has been busy is an understatement. I seem to be not catching a break anywhere. It’s been piles of paperwork at school, appointments, and loads of lacrosse. Somehow this year the kids’ schedules have … Continue reading →

Why is Monday Their Favorite Day?

As you may know already, I am back to teaching special education at our local school district.  This week in Math, I was reteaching bar graphing and used an activity that surveyed the students to determine their favorite day of … Continue reading →

Read the Book….

When you are sent an advance copy of a book in early March and it says read by March 25th… I might panic. I mean it’s IEP season, ending soccer, beginning lacrosse, Science Olympiad, Science Fair, plus I have that … Continue reading →

Ozobot STEM For All Ages

I have been using Ozobots within my classroom for three school years. My children received them for Christmas a few years ago and they were a huge hit with adults and children. It was not long after, that I shared … Continue reading →

Have Chapstick, Will Travel

It’s been well over five years since my friends and I took our first kid-free trip. Since that first visit, it has been a running joke about my chapstick/lip gloss dependency. Yes, I have a car chapstick, a work chapstick, … Continue reading →

Tonight Only …. Summer Shoes

These water shoes are the perfect answer to adventures of all kind! They dry easily and cover up ties! Check them out of Zulily. … Continue reading →

Gear to Survive the Cold…

One thing we learned about staying happy in winter is to get outside! Gone are the days of sandwich baggies lined moon books and sopping wet mittens. Gone are the days of turtlenecks and corduroys. The gear has become so … Continue reading →

Get Out

When my children were little ones, sometimes the days would be extra long and extra hard. So we’d get fresh air or I’d give them time in the tub and the day would take a turn for the better. Lately, … Continue reading →


Set Up Challenger Soccer Camp This Summer

My eleven year old loved this camp last summer.  He got tons of individualized attention and it made a huge difference in the strength of his shot and footwork skills.  Plus they added in an educational piece so he learned … Continue reading →