Cave Tools contacted me with a chance to try one of their grilling products in exchange for an honest review. They have a nice selection of tools that are all reasonably priced and very worthy of gift giving.  My husband and I looked through their products and both agreed that the met claws would be something we would love to try.  As the weather changes,the days grow colder and darker so we tend to go into hibernation mode.  With that we pull out the crock pot and cook with it often, most weeks we make a puled chicken or pork.  While this is a super simple recipe, the final product is never quite thinly puled and generally creates a mess.  The question was would the Meat Claws provide us with a short cut to a better meal?  I decided to give them a try today.


First, I purchased boneless skinless chicken thighs. This cut of dark meat is moister and more flavorful.  Next I whipped up an easy BBQ base with onions, Sweet baby Rays, Worcestershire brown sugar, honey , and pepper.  The easy part is that you just stir and add the raw chicken in.


Cook on low for 6 hours.  Once the chicken is tender it is time to pull it.  The Cave Tools Meat Claws were easy to use to first scoop the chicken out then pull it apart.  They created little mess and worked great.


Would I recommend them?  Absolutely and they’d make a unique gift.  The box they came in was a little lack luster so I say pull them out to create a gift set.  Next purchase a high BBQ sauce (often available at stores like Home Goods) and perhaps a new set of kitchen towels or a apron.  Tie it all together and for less than $20 you would have a wonderful gift set.

IMG_8931.JPGYou can purchase through Cave Tools or through Amazon where using code MEOY47S1 gets you 15% off just for reading this review!

Big thank you to Cave Tools for giving me this great little product.  As always the ideas expressed here are my honest opinions of the product I have tested.



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