IMG_8584.JPG   Our favorite place to bowl is Chacko’s in Wilkes Barre and here are some of the reasons.

  • large well maintained bowling alley with clean bathrooms
  • excellent food
  • friendly staff
  • ample parking and easy to get to location
  • wonderful specials


We often get the deal they run through Groupon and usually wait for a 20% off code then buy it.  Even without a code it is a terrific deal for the whole family.  Where else could you get dinner and entertainment for a family of four for $27?  There is also a deal for groups of two and six.  What they offer is a two games of bowling, shoe rental, two pitchers of soda, and a large pie for $27.  The pizza is delicious and throw in their wings and you have really delicious (and fattening) night out.IMG_8582.JPG


So head over to Ebates first for 6% back and search for Groupon. Today and tomorrow use code Take25 for 25% off makign the four person dela wiht Ebates return $19.  A night with dinner for a family of four for under $20 doesn’t happen very often! If you aren’t looking for this deal, the bowling alley itself runs some fantastic stand alone specials including $1 Sundays where you get games and slices for just a buck.


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