This is a sponsored post that I did for in exchange for my honest opinion of their site, which our family has used successfully for years!

My husband wants to support American car companies. So at some point when I traded in my Infiniti, I ended up leaning toward looking for something American made or so we thought it was.  I went from an Infiniti, to a Chrysler, to a GMC.  When you think of an American made car company, which do you name?  My husband rattles off Ford, Chevy and GMC.  So in our recent investigation, debate, or fight over his perception of what American cars mean we headed to the internet for an answer.  At the same time, I was sent some information from to share about their site.  Can you say perfect timing!

I am not going to reveal the top choices since I want you to guess.  I will disclose that the fourth most American made car was not a brand that my husband named.  That said both our vehicles were in the top 14.  Head on over to to see if your vehicle has made the list! While there you can check out some of their other great features.  It is how I found my last barely used car!




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