Over a year ago I was researching a company that claimed to save me big on razors by sending them direct to my door.  During that research I stumbled upon Dorco and found their deals to far surpass the other company’s claims.  For less than $50, I ordered enough razors to last my husband and I over a year!  I just ordered again and for less than $40 shipped, we will be set for shaving for an entire year.


I am a razor snob of sorts.  I shave every day. Yes every single day, even when I was pregnant, even in the winter, even when I travel!  Dorco offers a wide variety of razor packages from disposable to razor systems.  I have been using the Shai soft touch system and it holds up nicely and gives a close shave. Rich likes the Pace 6.  Recently, he decided to try some old razors we had stockpiled to use them up and it was disastrous.  He is back to the Pace where he has had a dramatic decrease in the amount of cuts while he is shaving.

Dorco offers great coupons and free shipping usually at about $30 spent. I asked Dorco to send along some samples for me to give away to a reader.  I will be sending along two Shai Soft Touch razors with two additional heads, a value of $11.90.

The opinions expressed in this blog post are solely mine and have not been provided in exchange for this giveaway, I love Dorco end of story!


Crumbs in the Couch Dorco Razors Giveaway


Dorco Razors “Shave” the Day Giveaway — 69 Comments

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  1. I usually shave every other day. But I definitely don’t stop in the winter either, I can’t stand it! Lol, it was a little more difficult, but I shaved during the late stages of my pregnancies too!

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  2. I shave every day in the summer since I live in Florida and am outdoors all the time. In the winter? Not quite as much…every other day.

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