We have been really struggling with our fruit choices now that the local farmer’s  market has ended.  Our closest grocery stores do not have an abundance of fresh produce and what they do have is fairly costly and often from out of the country. Though we enjoy frozen fruit smoothies to keep the fruit and vegetable in take up, we needed more options.  I saw an ad for GrubMarket and after filling my online shopping cart a few times and going back and forth I finally took the plunge.

For $34 shipped, here is what arrived to my house in three days!


We ordered 12 organic pears, 3 pounds of organic apples, 12 pounds locally farmed potatoes, 4 pounds organic multi colored fingerling potatoes, 4 organic onions, 1 organic clove of garlic, 6 organic grapefruits, 3 organic limes, 6 organic oranges, a bag of organic kiwis, 1 organic cantaloupe, and 1 organic honeydew.  It totaled 56 pounds of fruits and vegetables.  I used the code FB20 for 20% off.  The produce shipped free once you spend spent $59.  I think it was an incredible deal!   You should certainly give GrubMarket a try!


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