I drink basically two things, water and tea!  Tea is a special treat for me, but I have tons of tea bag rejects in my cupboard.  Ones that are too strong, taste to fake, and those that are so weak it is basically like drinking warmed dish water.  When US Family Guide contacted me about trying out a box of Simple Loose Leaf Tea, I knew I would love it.

With the subscription a beautiful box of unique and natural teas are delivered to your door.  Here is what they offer…

How The Tea Box Works

Each month you will receive a box of wonderful and unique loose leaf teas. Every month we make sure you have everything you need to get the perfect cup of tea brewing right out of the box! Each month we also send you a code that you can use to get great discounts at Shop.SimpleLooseLeaf.com.

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Box



  • Each Tea Box includes at least four (x4) loose leaf teas
  • Included in your Tea Box are tea pouches for easy single cup brewing!
  • Tea Boxes contain a Black, a Green, a Herbal, and a few surprises.

If you find a tea you love in your sampling, it can then be purchased for 50% off. Subscriptions are sent out the beginning of the month and cost $17.   My readers get to save! 25% off Gift Membership or Ongoing Subscription signup – Use code: 25HOLIDAY

I loved the whole experience of trying loose tea and the box contained everything i needed.  Last night I enjoyed a Cranberry Cider Herbal and this morning I sampled a Ceylon supreme.  I love to take my tea with a bit of honey and milk.  Both were absolutely delicious!  This was an absolute treat for me and I am thinking I may get a 6 month subscription for myself.



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