My nephew and niece just came for a week to visit with us, you can bet a Sky Zone visit was at the top of their list for things to do!  My nephew kept his socks for over year awaiting the return visit, it made a huge impression on him. We are so fortunate to have an amazing Sky Zone right in Northeastern Pennsylvania, which very soon will have a new expanded stand alone location.  This means better parking and more jumping, which is the whole reason we all go!

The kids and I got together to make a list off all the reasons, we think Sky Zone is worth visit!


  • Appeals to all agesSeriously, where else could you take your five year old, fifteen year old, and 40 year old husband to be equally happy and amused? My older son loves to play dodge ball while his younger sister happily does cartwheels on the large trampoline area. There is even a great overlook with comfortable couches for parents and grandparents to relax while their children jump.


  • Clean-This is so key in our family.  Several years ago, we visited a jump facility where my bare footed son nearly stepped on a drug needle. While most parents don’t have those horror stories, we will all tell you how we tend to avoid indoor play places during cold and flu season in fear of spreading and lingering germs.  Our Sky Zone location, looks as fresh and sparkling as the first day it opened.


  • Convenience– Since most kids are not going to bounce more than two hours at most, convenience is key.  Our location is a quick turn off route 81 in Pittston, making it easy to find as well as in between both Wilkes-Barre and Scranton.
  • Fitness– Sky Zone jumping is obviously a high calorie burning activity, but it also works to improve skills such as balance and coordination.  Skip the gym and head to Sky Zone where they are adding fitness programs to their schedule.  For kids and teens, they offer a dodge ball program.


  • Giving Back- While it is not often advertised, I was able to speak with the manger of our Sky Zone location to get a feel for how they give back to the community.  Whether this is through a dodge ball league for first responders, a chance for victims of abuse to have private jump time, or private time for children with visual impairments to jump: Sky Zone is on board with connecting to local groups with various special needs.
  • Escape the Weather: Whether it is hot and humid or pouring down rain, you can expect consistency of temperature in Sky Zone. Perhaps this is the perfect reason to schedule a birthday party, where you won’t have to clean up or worry about the weather!


  • Special Offers and Deals: Currently, our Sky Zone is offering a super Groupon deal for a 10 person jump party with pizza and soda for $159.  What a great opportunity to get with some friends to create a private jump party complete with dinner for the kids.  I am thinking soccer teams, summer reading reward party, or playgroup fun.  Look for special offers under the deals and promo tag as well as on their Facebook page.



Sky Zone has expanded summer hours and you will find that it is quietest on Tuesdays. The Scranton location offers a very reasonable toddler bounce time twice  a week before they are open to the general public.  Staff is attentive and well trained.  My kids love this special treat and with the expansion of deals and special offers, we will visiting more often this summer!




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