Ithaca- Inexpensive, Close, and Outdoorsy Vacation

Ithaca is a city in the midst of farms, literally one mile outside this city fields stretch on for miles.  We decided to do a two night trip to the area and spent most of our time in Ithaca which … Continue reading →


Let’s Get Outside This Fall!

Yes, summer is ending! With a slew of friends who live near the New Jersey shore, I am seeing all the last times dipping your feet in the ocean posts.  Though the return of fall brings back to school and … Continue reading →


Hiking at Seven Tubs, Wilkes Barre

It’s the first day of our spring break and the weather was absolutely perfect for some outdoor fun.  Throw in a few good friends and we were ready for an adventure.  We headed out to Seven Tubs Natural Area. It … Continue reading →