Visiting Coastal Maine with Children Part 1

Maine has been on my family’s travel list even before we had children and this year we finally ventured north to explore Maine’s breathtaking coast.  Our group consisted of my brother and sister in law, their dog, my husband, our … Continue reading →

Ithaca- Inexpensive, Close, and Outdoorsy Vacation

Ithaca is a city in the midst of farms, literally one mile outside this city fields stretch on for miles.  We decided to do a two night trip to the area and spent most of our time in Ithaca which … Continue reading →


National Geographic: The Book of Heroes and Heroines Giveaway

I asked my children what makes someone a hero: One child responded by saying that a spider must bite you and then you turn into a super hero.  The other one (the older child) said that you must accomplish something … Continue reading →