Mini Maker Fair at Barnes and Noble

S.T.E.M. is certainly a hot toy market these days, which excites most educators and parents!  Today we headed to Barnes and Noble to check out the Mini Maker Fair and get our hands on toys that  we would never get … Continue reading →


National Geographic: The Book of Heroes and Heroines Giveaway

I asked my children what makes someone a hero: One child responded by saying that a spider must bite you and then you turn into a super hero.  The other one (the older child) said that you must accomplish something … Continue reading →


Stop the Summer Slide with this $10K Treasure Hunt

The summer slide is not exactly a fun ride at a water park, but it is, however, a reality for most students.  As a teacher, I have tried everything to keep the kids up with academics over the summer.  Usually … Continue reading →


TouchMath Takes the Tough Out of Learning Math

When I was a young child, we lived right around the corner from a small candy shop.  Every few weeks, we would ride our bikes to “Cam’s” with a pocket full of change.  Our coins would be transitioned into delicious … Continue reading →