Khan Academy-Free On Target Math Practice

My son started using Khan Academy this summer during our Brain Chase experience.   I loved how quickly he could move through the fourth grade curriculum and they ways in which they offered support.  Each skill is put to the mastery … Continue reading →

Light Math Before Bed?

A friend recommended the app and website Bedtime Math.  I am not sure about at your house, but we have been seeing an increase in the amount of time our school is spending on problem solving.   Don’t you remember … Continue reading →


TouchMath Takes the Tough Out of Learning Math

When I was a young child, we lived right around the corner from a small candy shop.  Every few weeks, we would ride our bikes to “Cam’s” with a pocket full of change.  Our coins would be transitioned into delicious … Continue reading →


Usborne Has Cured Math Homework Woes

I am a teacher who is  actually quite good at Math, but I admit that sometimes Math homework stumps me.  Blame it on the Common Core or “New Math” or just blame it on the fact that there are some … Continue reading →