The response to this event was absolutely fabulous.  Though most of my circle of friends live at least an hour away, I knew numerous families attending the Young Innovators Fair. This was the first year holding the event which focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The event was geared to all school aged students which was accomplished through the use of a variety of exhibits.



We traveled a little under two hours, because we thought the event would be worth it for our son who is 8.  We were fortunate enough to receive tickets through US Family Guide in exchange for promoting the event. Tickets ran from $17 with a promotional code to $27 the day of the event.


 The exhibits were run by corporations, small independent businesses, museums, camps, and schools.  The Young Innovators’ website describes the set up as follows:

With ten distinct innovation worlds, the Young Innovators Fair delivers a plethora of activities and exhibits designed to attract children of varying interests and curiosity levels. Your young innovators can immerse themselves into these worlds to scratch their existing STEM itch or even to discover a new passion.


Some of the highlights for my son and his friend were the Google Virtual Exhibit and the Airborne Adventure.  While Cole enjoyed these more thrilling events, he also spent some time in simpler areas just experimenting and exploring.  There were three stages with shows throughout the day in addition to the numerous interactive activities.  As the crowd thickened, it became more difficult to navigate the hands on exhibits, but still the waits were not too over the top.


I would highly recommend this event, where else could you see a three D printer in action, explore a virtual reality world, complete mind bending puzzles, use tessellations to create art, build your own water filtration system, experiment with gravity, and use recycled materials to create a parachute all with in a few short hours?



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