When I was a young child, we lived right around the corner from a small candy shop.  Every few weeks, we would ride our bikes to “Cam’s” with a pocket full of change.  Our coins would be transitioned into delicious sweet treats that we purchased by ourselves.  My brother and I got more than a sugar treat from this experience, what we got was real world practice with money.  Things have really changed since that time.  With the frequent use credit cards and the costs of goods increasing, children are not exposed much to real world experience counting money especially when it comes to counting coins.

TouchMath has been a staple in both my teaching career and home learning environment.  It is a multi-sensory program that reaches children in the way they learn.  What I like most about the strategies are that they can be implemented quickly and easily and can be carried over to the real world without supports.  You can find out more about how I used the computation piece of TouchMath on my original post “Stop the Finger Counting Insanity.”  Although TouchMath is often touted as one of the most successful programs within the special education learning environment, it is just as effective in a general education setting.

When TouchMath sent me the TouchMath Money Kit to try at home, I was eager to see how it would work.  It is a comprehensive kit that covers from the initial skill of coin recognition right through balancing a checkbook.  That meant I could use it for my Kindergartner and third grader.  So on to the high points of the program.

  • Multisensory approach that reaches all learners
  • Comprehensive program with skills that build and repeat for mastery
  • Connection to real world usage
  • Easy to understand strategies even for the youngest learners
  • Workbook pages have clear illustrations and problems are meaningful
  • Skills are reinforced in a variety of ways


The program uses a TouchPoint on pennies to count by ones and a five point TouchStar on coins as a way to show value. The TouchStar on the nickel represents 5 cents, a double TouchStar represents 10 cents.  By the time we got to the quarter it was easy to teach two double stars and a single to equal 25 cents.  Some critics have asked me, doesn’t this provide a crutch for the kids that they can not get rid of?  My answer to that is absolutely not.  The programs have a mix of problems with and without TouchPoints and TouchStars.  For my own children it has been a concrete way to represent value right on a digit or coin.  When they need that strategy in the beginning, they use it and when it is not needed then it fades away.


TouchMath© is a multi-sensory math program proven effective for all types of learners (auditory, visual, verbal, kinesthetic/tactile) for over forty years.  TouchMath© provides students of all ages and learning styles to succeed in math making it a joy for student and teacher alike. I am not a big fan of students depending on number lines or hundreds charts to solve simple problems.  The transition with those strategies for students with learning disabilities is not smooth and can not be transferred to real world math the way that the TouchMath program can. TouchMath offers a 100% guarantee on all of our products for a year from the date of purchase making every purchase risk-free.

I first encourage you to check out the free samples available here. 

TouchMath offers a wide variety of programs for school and homeschool use.  Additionally, they have software and app programs for Ipads which would be a great use in a classroom center.  All this information is easily accessible through 

TouchMath is a company that encourages educators to try their products.  Here is how to access that :

We offer free Teacher Training Materials for your convenience.  The Training Materials include a Training DVD and a Teacher Training Manual which follows along with the DVD.  Viewers are introduced to the TouchMath method including the Touching and Counting Patterns, as well as how to place the TouchPoints on numerals 1-9.  The DVD will present a concept then the viewer will pause the DVD and practice the concept in the manual, then resume the DVD when they are ready to progress to the next concept.  The DVD will progress through Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Pre-Algebra, Fractions and Money.  Once the Training has been completed the viewer will have attained a firm foundation in using TouchMath as well as be prepared to teach their students. The Training materials are free of charge and yours to keep for future reference.  If you would like to order the Teacher Training materials you may do so by following these steps:

Or, …  simply go to and complete the form and click sumbit.

  1. a) Go to
  2. b) Click on the Free Training tab beneath the large image banner across the top of the page.
  3. c) Click on Request Materials.  Complete and submit the online form.


Finally, I want to share with you about their single use workbooks.  I have ordered these for my children to use at home over summer break. They now offer Workbooks for PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Upper Grades.  You may review the Workbooks at:

TouchMath passed along some single use workbooks to me and I would like to give three readers a chance to try them out.  You must enter the form below.  The workbooks will be given on a first winner, first pick basis.  I only have one copy of each workbook so therefor if your first choice is taken, please think what your second or third choice would be.  The link above will share with you some of the workbooks available for $10 each, well worth the cost.  You could get a workbook now for the cost of shipping since TouchMath has set up  promotional for  readers to receive $10 off their next order.  When purchasing from TouchMath and progressing through checkout there will be a box to enter a Promo Code.  The Promo Code for the $10 off your next Order is:  TMLWJ16.  When you enter the Promo Code it will automatically calculate a $10 discount.

I hope that you take the time to read through all this information and give TouchMath a try.  I know for my students it worked wonderfully and to me that is all the evidence I will ever need to back this product!








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