It always happens when we need to get somewhere,especially when we are running behind….the dreaded sock/shoe battle.  With my son it is get your shoes on, then we leave.  With my daughter it is get your shoes on, if it is okay to wear flip flops then we head out no problem.  When flip flop season ends and her feet are then returned to a prisoner status all Hell breaks loose!

Who knew a lonely Puma could cause such distress?

Today we were going for a run and trying to quickly move out the door.  I grabbed what I believed to be string free, loose enough, tight enough , just right for the occasion socks. On and off three times and they were too stringy in her toes.  I then asked her to go select the ones that she believed may work saving me another go around with the “wrong ones.”  Once she finally decided to get them herself, they went on and off until she just gave up and took a few breaths and worked through whatever about them was bothering her.

Next came the shoes.  Last month, my mom and I took her shoe shopping for sneakers.  7 stores and two hours later, we walked out with a pair we thought would work.  In fact she even wore them out of the store, but then mid mall she asked to have them off.  That was it, I promptly returned them so they would not be part of the shoe graveyard that is her closet.  I then decided to get the exact pair that had worked so well all year long only a half size up.  Newsflash, though she was tickled by that idea, the heels are just not quite right at this point so she thinks I ought to tuck them away for a bit.  So today, I had the same old pair ready for her.  After a few struggles with the positioning of the Velcro and a few I will do it myself, no you do it, no it is too loose, no that one is bugging me the shoe went on.  Cole, Cecily and I headed out for the run with her in the just right socks and good enough shoes. All was going great until about 200 yards in when she decided she couldn’t run without a drink of water…..

Who knew a lonely Puma could cause such distress?


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