While a lazy summer sounds delightful, we try to make ours a chance to try new things and keep up old traditions. Here are a few things your family may enjoy to keep the summer special.

1. Go berry picking. We do this every summer and while strawberry season has left us in the dust, we will get out there for blackberries and blueberries.

2. Plant something. It’s still early enough to grab some vegetable plants that will produce some tasty food. Want to start from seed? Radishes and beans are fast growers.

3. Visit the library then create a family book challenge. Make a goal for everyone to read a certain amount of books then treat yourselves to a reward like number 4.

4. Have ice cream for dinner. When we do this the kids get free range of the menu. So that means that waffle sundae that I have always said no to turns to a yes!

5. Splash in the creek. There’s a lot of fun to be had wading in cool creek water and to make the day complete pack a picnic.

6. Have the kids plan, shop for, then cook dinner. I love watching mine create a menu on their allotted budget. Last time we had crab stuffed flounder and it was delicious!

7. Take a boat ride. We bought kayaks last summer for our family, but before that we often took a day to rent boats. Our state parks rent kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, and row boats. It’s great exercise and fun.

8. Have some free/cheap indoor fun. There are great programs like Kids Bowl Free or use a groupon to try out something fun like Sky Zone in your area. We score a lot of great deals this way.

9. Ride a bike or take a hike. Find a moderate temperature before heading out and take a lot of water. Make it extra fun by creating a scavenger list of things to look for on your journey.

10. Do Something kind for someone else. Make some lemonade to take to the firehouse, create watercolors for the local nursing home, or pull weeds for a neighbor.

A few simple traditions can make a summer full of special memories.


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