1. Bake, we made doughnut holes for breakfast and have stocked up on baking supplies to get us through a few weeks. One of our favorites found here.

2. Play some games on Alexa, just finished Song Quiz and Jeopardy. Our game isn’t strong, but we got a few right.

3. Cuddle your pet, they are thrilled you are home and make great anxiety reducing pals.

4. Start a puzzle as a family, no one is coming to see your perfectly clean dining room table anyway.

5. Drive to a state park and take a hike and even try out geocaching.

6. Call that friend you never connect with because you are too busy.

7. Read a book, while libraries are closed you could always use their free ebook program or order online.

8. Complete a science experiment, we love watching ideas from Steve Spangler.

9. Paint your nails, try that Color Street you bought at your neighbor’s party last month.

10. Clean out your closet and get a pile together to donate.

11. Learn to draw, we love Kids Art Hub! Pick something to draw and create as a family , it’s fun to compare the final products.

12. Plan your summer trip, just don’t pay or reserve anything. It’s fun as a family to search hotels and things to do, even if it’s no more than a fantasy. Dreaming about a time where life is back to usual may help get you through this time.

13. Turn off your alarm, if you are fortunate enough to be off work.

14. Think of a way to help someone else. We know businesses are struggling, children are missing school lunches, and elderly neighbors may be doing without. There are ways you can help without putting anyone in harm’s way.

15. Sit on hold to cancel your summer cruise vacation’s airfare , oh yeah that will just be me. Another example of why I fear advanced plans!

What are you doing to stay busy?


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