My kids dress mostly in Gap clothing. I dress mostly in Banana Republic, because we get all these clothes free! That’s right free. It is not because we spend tons of money a month at these stores, it is because their card offers amazing rewards beyond their store brand. This credit card often has rewards that are 5 to 10x Back.   That offer usually includes groceries so a $100 grocery trip nets you $5-$10 in rewards, complete that same trip four times a month and bam you have already earned some serious cash!  For $50 I can combine sales and rewards to get two complete outfits for my daughter!

They offer amazing rewards, terrific coupons, plus a teacher discount.  A few weeks ago, I purchased four shirts, an Easter dress, and a pairs of pants for $100 from Banana with coupons and paid $1.35 after rewards! Gap Fit has a great line where I order athletic gear for the kids and Gap Body works for bras and underwear for me.

To get the most bang for your buck, always pay off the charge each month. Shop the deals of the period, so if they are giving extra rewards on gas make their card your go to for that.  Watch for promotions and enjoy the free shipping with reasonable minimums.

You too can get free clothes! Just  be smart and don’t build debt, pay your card off monthly!


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