Two weeks, stay home two weeks and prevent the spread …

1. Do we have enough food? We can eat all that sitting in the freezer for once, freezer burned beans never looked so good.

2. Thank God I buy in bulk. Toilet paper .. check.

3. We will relax and enjoy two weeks of family time, we could use the break.

4. Fear, worry. Don’t touch the mail, don’t leave the house unless necessary. Let’s quarantine the packages in the garage.

5. Walks and hikes, lots of getting out.

6. We found yeast so let’s bake some fresh bread. Then a few cakes, how about a new dinner dish. Let’s cook and bake.

7. Google classroom , google classroom , google classroom.

8. There’s a puzzle on the dining room table at all times.

9. I finally have time to relax and no alarm clock to wake me since work doesn’t start till 8:55 and I am working from home …but I can’t sleep.

10. Teeth grinding, jaw clenching …

11. Time to help my own children with school work, it feels good to be there for them .

12. How about a theme night to mix things up, let’s hope we get the ginger for the fried rice in our Walmart Pickup.

13. Instacart

14. I do love those daily NY Times mini crosswords.

15. Zoom, Jack Box , Google Meets

16. Virtual IEPs, put the dog in his crate so he doesn’t bark in the middle of the present Ed levels.

17. It’s been two months and not two weeks, when will this end?


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