We got more than an officially late start to summer.  Monday started out with a trip to a specialist with my son. The doctor asked how the summer was coming along and we had to once again explain how July 3rd had become the first official school day off. It wasn’t a great day and I was feeling a bit restless about adjusting to the new routine. I had been starving for relaxed days and time with my kids, but when it finally did arrive … we all felt a bit out of sorts. 

Now by day three, we are relishing in the joys of summer. No one is getting up before 7:00, I have gotten to grocery shop mid week, and we have been catching up with friends plus there has been lots of exercise and outdoor time. Our favorite thing though just may be the fresh fruit. Right now we have watermelon, nectarines, blackberries, golden melon, blueberries, and Rainer cherries. The fruit disappears at a feverish rate, but it’s fresh and affordable.  All winter I have to limit the kids’ berry intake to keep the fruit costs under $40 a week, but now we can sit by the pool snacking on fresh fruit without any limitations because I can simple go to the grocery store again tomorrow . Or better yet we can pick our own! 


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