The virus has stolen so much from so many. While most of us wake up healthy each day and that’s the number one blessing. There is grief, loneliness, and loss. Two weeks, just two weeks stay home for two weeks and we will all be okay. We now realize that this beast is strong and widespread and we need more than two weeks.

Cancelled… school, sports, vacation, weddings, work, birthday parties, and even funerals. Life has been widely cancelled. What appeared to be a moment in time is now a time period. Unsure of when normal will ever return.

Living life in the moment has always been encouraged, yet naturally we don’t just live in a moment. We live in the past, present, and future. Memories can comfort, but also agitate. Remembering what we had reminds us of what we have lost. The present is filled with bad news for so many. The future is uncertain.

We have always lived our lives with anticipation. Soon, we will be going to Disney World. Soon, we have that lacrosse tournament in Maryland. Soon, summer camp begins. Soon, your cousins will visit. Do a great job and we will head to Skyzone. Get good grades and we will go out for a special dinner. One of the hardest part of our current life is the loss of anticipation.

While I feel very fortunate to live in a place where there’s still adventures to be had, something my kids can anticipate. We have biking, hikes, and fishing. We have outdoor and indoor projects .Not everyone has opportunities for these simple things to look forward to and the loss of looking forward is so greatly felt. We all miss anticipation.


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