I have written often about reluctant readers. Today my daughter happily read her new “sncoyragemt.” My son commented about how it’s easy to read a book that is exciting or interesting to you. He reflected back to third grade when he was hooked on reading through the Percy Jackson series. Those months were spent with his nose buried in a book hours a day. Series are a huge plus for readers, because there isn’t the huge transition between books. It’s sort of reminiscent of our culture’s latest obsession with binge watching TV.  

Today at the bookstore, I was intrigued at the wide variety of books offered to young readers.  One of the best advances in children’s literature has been the graphic novel. These books offer sequential images like a comic book for a full length novel. Often times students will read these books over and over. They help bridge the gaps for students with learning disabilities as well as English language learners, yet appeal to all types of readers. I feel they allow students to take the plunge into text without the intimidation.

 Many chapter books at varied levels are incorporating pictures.  One series I recommend for the middle grades, The Treehouse Series. A funny read with lots of pictures and text on about a fourth grade level.  Check it out this summer! 


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