I walk into my house after 8 1/2 hours of being at school thinking of how exciting it is that at least this year I get out earlier. After all is said and done it equates to twenty minutes, but I am always trying to see the glass half full so that twenty minutes becomes golden. I see how many things I can get done before our last year’s arrival time. Lunches unpacked, lunches repacked, 1,000 school papers recycled…and in a blink it’s 4:15 and the bus is heading up the hill.

There are days the positivity never arrives, because we are simply a car full of back to school monsters. We trudge into the house eager to pounce on any awaiting victim. Sometimes that’s the dog ready for a visit and walk or my husband home early from work.  I often am the lead monster wary from my day.  My fierceness grows with each mistake found. The biggest offender is a house left worse than when I departed. Cereal bowls still on the counter, stacks of mail awaiting my attention, and laundry strewn across the hallway floor just short of the hamper.  My daughter is a hungry monster, but often it’s too late before I can get a heathy snack in her. That equates to whining, meltdowns, and demands. With each whining growl, it puts me over the edge and I watch my son increase his anxiousness.

A television show, a quick check in with friends on Facebook, and a filling dinner all help us return to our more natural human state.  It’s back to school month and quite frankly, we are all completely exhausted and overwhelmed but know that soon we will all adjust and our monster days will lessen.  If they don’t, I think my husband may build a tiny house for himself and the dog.


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