I stopped working as a teacher once I had my first child. The year prior unbeknown to my husband, I had stopped using my salary all together and was paying everything with his. I always handled the finances and still do. I created a very nice emergency fund, put in for my year off teaching, and tried to not touch that money ever. When we made it through the first year living off one salary, I resigned.

Over time, I continued to try not to touch that savings unless there was a real emergency! That meant I became a super couponer, used hand me downs, and looked for anything and everything cheap or free. That’s about the time, I finally tried Chick-fil-a, which I had been both passing by every one I saw and reading the name wrong as well. Chick-fil-a became our go to. Where else could I meet my mommy friends to split one meal with my kids using coupons and they could play in a CLEAN play place for hours? Where else would they treat me so kindly carrying my tray to my seat while I was balancing baby stuff, refill my drink multiple times, provide sanitary hand wipes for my children, and never rush me out the door? What other fast food restaurant when asking for extra sauce replies… my pleasure?

It became our special treat, our almost out to real dinner, our friends’ meet up, and our kids’ night out. With coupons and kids eat free nights, we always kept in budget and that cookies and cream milk shake was delicious plus they’d split it for my two kids into individual cups adding whip cream and cherry for both. The kids’ meals came with educational prizes not junk and you could trade the prize for an ice cream. Chick-fil-a got my life at a time where I felt pretty overwhelmed.

Then once a year, we all dressed like cows and got free meals! Enough food for dinner and leftovers for lunch, because the nuggets actually reheat great! I don’t know the last time I was even at a Chick-fil-a now that we have moved and the kids are older, but I do know I will forever be grateful to their company for treating me with kindness and understanding during some pretty challenging years.


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