Let’s check put some current backpack deals as of August 4th.

First always start at Ebates. If you are one of the few that haven’t signed up, I’d be tickled if you used my referral for this free money back site! Here is my link.

Lands End-

Earn 2% back on Ebates and use code learn with pin 5612 for 50% off.

This large backpack comes to $24.95 and is shipped free once you spend $50 which is easy to do! Check our deals on bathing suits this time of year for a great bargain.

L.L.Bean- Deluxe backpacks are 25% off with 2% back on Ebates. Free shipping applies after you spend $50. Use code kids25.

That brings this deluxe bag down to $37.46.

Pottery Barn Teen- A deal on shipping and $10 off makes this price “bearable” at $39.50. No cash back.

Garnet Hill- another costly option, but they have cute styles for older students. The deals here are rare and free shipping even rarer. This backpack at $49.95 only becomes a deal if you need a lunch book. You can score one free with a purchase of a backpack. These packs are super sturdy! No cash back. Always search for percent off just in case!

Mesh backpacks- with limited choices, you go where the sale takes you. With 6% back on Ebates and ship to store running$3.95 this Jansport turns into a great deal at $22.49 from JcPenney. They also have the Nike mesh on sale!

Prices change daily and deals can become better in the next two weeks, but out of stock bags can cause disappointment so if jump on any deal! Happy shopping.


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