Last year I shared with you some great cheap or free summer activities and programs. We have always participated in the summer reading programs through Barnes and Noble. Usually the kids need to read and record ten books to achieve their reward.  This year, however, things are even EASIER! Children answer a few simple questions about favorite books that they have read and viola they have earned their book.  They are calling it the Summer Reading Triathlon in honor of their 20th year with the summer reading program.  Forms are available online for home printing or in your local store.


They always have a few high quality choices for each reading level.  That said, my six year old desperately wants to be like her brother and read ultra thick chapter books, so you could see by our photos that she shopped up a few levels.  If you have a younger child, do yourself a favor and check out the Mercy Watson choice!  We will certainly use Barnes and Noble for summer book buying and appreciate the nearly $20 worth of books they gave to my children in honor of their reading!






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