We walked around the Halloween store and each costume she eyed up was sexier than the last. ” Mom you should get these!” She said as she reached for a pair of black fishnet stockings. Certainly, they’d raise some eyebrows at the school Halloween parade. I think they’d parade me right out of my job.  She finally settled on considering a cat woman suit for herself with full coverage, but it was pretty sleek and sexy none the less. 

She’s seven , that’s not a tween and while not a tween I am aware she has every desire to be one. Her choices on TV are all teen based unless we push back the other way. I miss Sophia the First and Wild Kratts.   So why are so many clearly little girls wanting to be teenagers way before that time?  Here she is still writing notes to the tooth fairy, yet wishing she could wear high heel knee high leather boots.  Obviously it has so much to do with media influences, but personality comes into play. My daughter has always desired to be older and followed older kids mimicking their every move. 

I guess that simply makes my job harder. I have to push her back to cartoons and monitor her clothing choices (which at this point is easy). The harder part is teaching her to be her own person and making sure that person is a good and kind girl. It’s a big job and some days I don’t feel up to the task, but then I remember that seven is little and it’s still time for imagination and twirly skirts not fishnets and black high heeled boots. 


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