Do you know what it is to chiffonade?  Have you done it?  Thanks to Brain Chase and their cooking elective, my 9 year old used the chiffonade method to cut basil for our cauliflower pizzas.  In fact he not only did the cutting, but prepared our entire meal independently with the guidance of Chef Anne.  The benefits of this go beyond the fact that I got an entire night off from preparing dinner.  Cole gained culinary skills, had a great time learning about a new recipe, and most of all beamed with pride and confidence when he presented his dish to our family.


The next out of the ordinary event in our house was the completion of math without a fight or a groan.  Instead, it was a lot of “just a few more minutes so I can earn another badge.”  When Cole hit his requirements, he didn’t give up for the week knowing he had done enough.  Rather, I found him hopping back on Khan Academy learning new skills.  I can safely say he now knows what an absolute number is, how to multiply decimals, as well as figure out the degree of each angle in a triangle.


His last elective, Engineering, provided an experiment that at first seemed fairly simplistic.  Upon closer look, I discovered  this project was differentiated to create greater learning.  Cole spent a solid fifteen minutes investigating the balance between the reaction of food coloring and the amount of dish soap used to create this reaction.  The project even extended into art, when he created stationary with his experiment.


Now the hunt for the treasure is in full swing in my house.  I have been instructed to not go into any details about what we have discovered, nor to even share a glimpse of his secret notebook.  I will respect his wishes.  We have been spending hours playing the videos and searching for clues.  Then we are researching areas of the world where the clues may come into play.  The hunt is on and we hope we are hot on the trail of the $10,000 treasure.  Thank you to Brain Chase for encouraging diversified learning, providing opportunities for my child to have personal growth, and creating a family activity that is full of intrigue and excitement.


All views regarding Brain Chase are my honest opinion.  I have not been sponsored by the company in exchange for this review.  I am proud to say every penny we personally spent on this experience has already been worth it!


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