I have spent at least $150 on dry erase markers this school year. While first grade students are sweet and joy filled, some aren’t always ever so careful with their supplies. That means dry erase markers completely drying out sometimes after only a single use. As I was rounding toward spending $100 and it was only the fourth month of school,  I needed a solution. 

That’s when we started dry erase surgery. While it isn’t 100% successful, any success rate was better than watchinG my and my students’ families’ dollars flying out of their pockets for dry erase markers. We use them all day every day so they are just as important a tool as a pencil in my class. 

The surgery is simple and yields a 75% success rate.  With a pair of needle nose pliers you remove the bottom piece of the marker. Then with an eye dropper filled with rubbing alcohol, drop in 5-10 drops into the marker base. Store the markers overnight upside down and by the next morning they are ready to use again. It’s as simple as that. We perform surgery here in large batches every few weeks and find that the Expo brand is the most responsive to being reserected. 

So next time you find a uncapped marker, know there is a chance to save it! 


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