After college, I moved five times in the first seven years. I worked in three different school districts in three different states, then I got married and had a family. We stayed still for another bunch of years before a final move back to Pennsylvania.

In all those years, I made the most amazing friends, but time and distance make keeping in touch difficult. Facebook helps even if in a slightly artificial way. A few weeks ago, one of my wonderful friends and former coworkers whom I haven’t seen in almost six years, reached out for a recommendation as she’s returning back to teaching. I was more than happy to put into words just what an amazingly caring and energetic teacher she was and still is. The years have past, but memories of our times together easily came to mind. Today I got a follow up from a district moving her on to the next step and my heart did a little leap for her.

I wish in so many ways that I could have stayed close with all my friends, but the busyness of every day life often gets in the way. As an adult you realize that even if the years have gone by and words have rarely been spoken … that bonds are bonds. When people need each other , no matter the distance or time that has past, true friends will still remain. Friendship is special day after day and decade after decade.


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