At school I walk by the first grade hall and out of the corner of my eye, I catch the countdown to Christmas sign… I glance at it and shudder, take a few deep breaths, then continue on my way.  I got out ahead of the gate this year,  thanks to lots of free shipping. It all came to a halt this week as the boxes piled up in the attic unopened. My cards, which have arrived, are beckoning me with a whisper, “ We are here, you must address us, and stamp us, and get us to the mailbox 100 yards away!” 

I have a bunch of random gifts that pleaded to be bought through Lightning Deals and Facebook only 100 people get this Offers. Now I need to figure out who I have to give a gift to in the family and at work.  I am taking deep breaths again. Plus the stocking stuffers. What does Santa stuff a ten year old boy’s stocking with? My poor husband is last, he only gets a real gift if I get done with everyone else in time for his prime shipping gift to arrive. Plus there are the students who get a gift and who I make a gift with and who also must make festive hallway crafts that will be down in fourteen days. Fourteen days isn’t a lot of staying power for hallway crafting. 

It will come, I will be ready. It will end in atornado of  paper, joy, and thankfulness. Happy Holidays! 


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