Just when I thought I was only three steps behind I’d fall back another two steps making it seemingly impossible that I’d not only never catch up, but ever find comfort in my new position. There are many things in life I am comfortable to admit that I’m not great at… cleaning, organizing, and creativity to name a few. I didn’t ever want to add teaching to the list, but by the middle of September I wasn’t quite sure I hadn’t peaked in my career and was heading anywhere but up. 

I’d already started the school year a few steps behind and in a position I hadn’t been spending my summer preparing for. To set up a new program and create a new classroom setting while trying to balance home life became a seemingly insurmountable task. I am not the type of person who can just stay up late to catch up, because that causes me an immediate weakened immune system and sets me into a spiral of illness. Unfortunately, by the end of the September I got sick and it lasted for weeks. 

Thankfully, I had a lot of support at work and home. I still felt like I was riding a stationary bike against rush hour, so I had to let go of my own ideals and goals and just try to think of how I could meet my students’ needs while maintaining balance. This week I started to breath again and feel like maybe I could make it.   Balancing home and work is such a challenge and while I don’t ever think it will be easy, I hope for a while I can just catch my breath. 


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