If you are a reader of my blog and have been for a while then you know I have two children. As babies neither were sleepers, one out lasted the other and didn’t sleep through a single night for his first twenty months.  You may have read a lot about how my daughter challenges me daily with her strong will and lively spirit. Then you may have noticed I don’t write too much about my son anymore. 

Parenting in all forms and stages is difficult. They run you through the wringer and just when you think they have taken your last bit of energy,  your kids demand more.  As parents we mostly either admit to how difficult and exhausting parenting is or we share only our delights as if the joys are all that are involved. The other day when discussing punishment and misbehavior with some friends, it sort of hit me that while all these years I have been focused on the struggle with my daughter while blogging, I forgot that I must admit to you all that I have one very easy kid. 

By saying I have an easy kid, I am not declaring his perfection, because clearly he has his challenges too. I am just admitting that…. well he doesn’t take a whole lot of effort and mostly makes us come out looking really good as a result. He isn’t a picky eater, sleeps well, is agreeable to participate in most anything. He is kind and calm and barely demands much of anything. He likes to read, does well in school, and enjoys the outdoors and sports. Above all else, he rarely gets in trouble and he has never had to be punished. I know it’s temporary as he is about to enter the teen years soon.  I just felt like confessing that I have not worked to earn this easy kid, he was just given to me and for that I am eternally thankful. 


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