Once in a while, you make a spur of the moment purchase that turns out to be a major win.  I found these Craft Croc Liquid Chalk Markers through an advertisement on Facebook and with a great coupon purchased them through Amazon. The 10 pack reversible tip markers are currently $19.77.  This purchase was such  hit in my house that I contacted Crafty Croc to see how I could get them into the hands of my readers.


Crafty Croc Chalk Markers have completely revived the use of our chalkboard and entertained my children for hours.  No more chalk dust, smell, or mess.  With these markers the finer point allows the children to draw detailed pictures on various surfaces including glass, card stock, chalkboards and paper.  One surface you do not want to try these on though is on chalkboard painted surfaces.  These can be too porous and absorb the liquid chalk making it difficult to remove.


To use the markers, you just pump the tip a few times till you see the liquid enter the tip.  The tips are reversible which gives you two tip options, but in our case saved the day from over zealous use of young children pushing a bit too hard.  To erase, we simply use a wet cloth to wipe down and start fresh.  I imagine my crafty readers could find so many creative uses for these chalk markers.


Crafty Croc is giving away one set of markers to a lucky Crumbs in the Couch reader!
Crafty Croc Chalk Marker Giveaway


Craft Croc Chalk Marker Giveaway — 9 Comments

  1. these would be perfect for my daughters play room. we’ve painted the doors on her cabinet so she can draw on them but she doesnt have anything to draw on them with! these look so neat

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