Captain TK reading to the kids this year at the library.

Captain TK reading to the kids this year at the library.

When we were making our pro and con list of whether to move to NEPA, the Penguins were on the pro side.  I can’t say enough positive things about our experiences at the games over the past few years. We love the free and easy parking, affordable food choices (affordable by stadium standards), the ease of getting to and from the arena, Tux the mascot who is by far the most interactive mascot we have met, the energy of the players and crowd, special events nights,  and especially love how involved the players are in our community.  I bet your children can’t say they have heard pro hockey player Matt Murray read to them in a small group at their local library?



While tickets can be quite expensive to sporting events, the Penguins organization are amazing about offering deals that make games affordable.  They  go the extra mile for families, often offering free kids’ tickets as well as sponsoring ROBO readers which encourages children to read in exchange for a free hockey ticket.

It is playoff season and now is the best chance to enjoy the high stakes nature of some intense games against our rival Hershey Bears.  Monday, May 9 at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza. Kids ages 14 and younger can get into the game for FREE with a paid adult ticket.  Tickets are availabe at the Mohegan Sun Arena box office, by calling 570-208-7367

Seats can be purchased directly over the phone.  This is how we do our purchasing and then we simply print our tickets at home.   So head out and support this great hometown team this weekend.  Let’s Go Pens!


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