At the start of each pool season, my children decide which goggles will be the best fit for the summer. Now one child in particular has a bit harder time, you may remember her from earlier posts including this fun sock  post.  So it’s a lot of tightening, loosening, and break downs . Then magically she finds the perfect fit and all is right in the world. That is until friends or family come over and grab the goggles to borrow.  It always happens so quickly and the perfect pair with the perfect fit get readjusted and the turmoil of goggle fitting begins again. 

This year was made extra fun when I accidentally dried the perfect pair ruining them by melting them not once but twice. So after I found myself buying the perfect pair for the third time I decided to get a back up. All was right in the world even as I started this post and then this… 

So not a big deal, because as you remember I bought that fourth pair. Only when I retrieved them I realized not only does the drier melt goggles, the sun does too. So back to square one. 

Just when we get this all sorted out enter the next season… The Soccer Shin Guard Season! 


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