We are a mostly body wash family.  So while I have switched to bar soap for myself that is more natural , I hadn’t found a suitable alternative on our grocery shelves for the rest of my crew.  I spent a lot of time scanning the shelves thinking, how toxic is this stuff that I am having everyone slather all over their body?


When I was contacted through US Family Guide to try out Dr. Jacobs Castile soap, I immediately thought of this as a body wash solution for us.  I was able to try three products including two liquid soaps and one bar soap.  While we enjoyed all three products , the Honey Almond Liquid Castile soap was our absolute favorite.  The scent is sweet and light, it is hard to resist using just a little bit more.

What is Castile soap?  It is soap made with vegetable oils including palm, coconut, olive, and hemp.  Dr. Jacobs’ products are 100% natural and safe enough for even the most sensitive skins.


The best part about these products is there versatility!   You can use them as a substitute for shave gel!



How about for scrubbing those dishes or cleaning the counters…


Or washing clothes…

We love the versatility of these products! You can get free shipping when you spend over $20 with code Freeship20.

So head out and give it a try!

I was provided these products free of charge in exchange for this review, which contains my own thoughts and opinions.



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